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MU nv / G-Lehrs

MU nv / G-Lehrs is a Belgian company founded in 1993 and is exclusively active in the world of glass.

We produce gas-burners and lehrs and continue since 2004 the activities of former COBELCOMEX, GLASECO and the lehr division of GOTO.

Our lehrs consume the least energy in the market.

In 2008 we adapted our gas burners to be used in other brand lehrs.
We replaced burners in Antonini, Bowman, Cnud, Horn and Pennekamp lehrs.

In all cases we got very positive reactions regarding reliability and maintenance.
In all cases we gained in gas consumption varying from 18 to an astonishing
50 %.
As the burners were replaced during production the consumption was compared without changing any parameters: same article, same speed, same temperatures etc.
Our burners can be delivered in a configuration adapted to any existing lehr, same mechanical fixing, same gas connection, same gas pressure, same electric connection, same supply voltage, same alarm and control signals. The gas and electric connections will be 100% compatible with your actual situation.

Replacing the burners can be done during production no production stop.

By changing to G-Lehrs burners the consumption will go down on average by
30 %.