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The decorating lehrs have the same construction as the annealing lehrs:

Energy saving is the main factor in the whole concept of our lehrs. Extremely thick asbestos-free ceramic fiber between the inside tunnel and the outside case makes our lehr the best isolated lehr in the market.
Lehrs with a beltwidth of 1 to 5.6 m and variable length.

  • The outside tunnel is a construction with heavy U profiles and sheet steel of 4 mm.
  • The inside tunnel is a construction with heavy stainless steel U profiles and stainless sheet steel of 3 and 5 mm.
  • The stainless steel fishbone belt support is made of 10 mm thick bars.
  • The hot air circulation fans are in stainless steel and direct driven.
  • The belt traction system is over dimensioned and allows a wide velocity range.
  • The belt is driven over a large contact surface with a rubberized drive roller.
  • The belt tracking system is easy to use and very effective.
  • The plain entrance roller has a special design for cooling the ends and protecting the bearings.
  • In the cooled sections the aspirated cold air is premixed with the hot air before entering in contact with the glass.
  • The main electric panel can be equipped with temperature controllers or with a PLC.
  • Temperatures can be controlled accurately at 1 C.
  • An electronic link to a plant supervising system is possible.
If electric heated : elements are in NiChrome and have an extremely long lifetime.

Gas heated G-Lehrs consume on average 30 % less than the competition thanks to the lehr construction but mainly thanks to our burners G5 and G7.

Additional specifications for decorating lehrs:
An exhaust system in the 1st and 2nd section leads the fumes outside the building.
Extra heating is installed to bring the temperatures to 660 C.
An input table can be installed for manual loading.